Lighting Bundle | Bring your imagination to life

Lighting Bundle | Bring your imagination to life

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Learn how to paint with light creatively and create emotional, inspiring imagery of architecture. Nikos shares some of his favorite methods to shape the light for achieving stunning results. You'll learn to make light work for you to create your vision in the simplest ways possible and really make your images come to life. These 5 classes will teach all levels of artists to see light in a whole new way.


  • Creative Lighting Philosophy
    Nikos spends his life chasing beauty. Here he shares how the greats of Cinematography have inspired the Creative Lighting concept, and how he brought cinematic lighting techniques into an entirely different world - the virtual world.

  • Introduction to Corona Renderer
    Corona Renderer is one of the most powerful rendering engines in the market. Nikos shares his unique creative workflow and lighting techniques for fast and happy rendering. Combine the Creative Lighting Philosophy with the power of LightMix to create visual poetry in your raw render.

  • Creative Lighting Exteriors
    Nikos takes you through his creative process of selecting the right time of day for your exterior project. He makes this process simple by combining the Creative Lighting Philosophy with the very best lighting solutions and unique workflows that Corona Renderer has to offer.

  • Color in Storytelling
    Learn how to bring your images to life with the power of color! In this class, Nikos will give you a foundational understanding of color theory principles and demonstrate how to apply them. Our goal is to teach you all about color schemes, and how to create your own inspiring color palettes. Nikos will also explain how colors relate to emotions and moods, and how these ideas can be used in visual storytelling.

  • Creative Exercise
    We want to help you apply the Creative Lighting philosophy to your real work, which means using it to transform client projects. So, the brief for the creative exercise simulates a client project, only here you get to choose your client and site.

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